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Adam Lambert – Perverted Sex Freak?

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Did you see Adam Lambert on the American Music Awards?!?!

Adam Lambert on the cover of Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert on the cover of Rolling Stone

Actually, no I didn’t, in response to the most asked question of the last few days. I have now thanks to all the hubbub the media has created. I couldn’t help but NOT see it. He was on the CBS Morning Show, Late Show with David Letterman, CNN Headline News…I was afraid to click on The Weather Channel for fear of a Severe Adam Lambert Warning.

First of all, if it’s not clear yet, I’m not an Adam Lambert music fan. I am also not an Adam Lambert music hater. His music simply isn’t my taste and I’m certain he could care less about whether I like him or not. He probably wouldn’t like my type of music either.

What seems to be the issue here is his overtly sexually-charged stage show he exhibited on national television – the American Music Awards.


Madonna on stage c.1991

The market is – and always has been – and always will be – full of wannabes and artists who are willing to do anything to sell themselves to make a profit. It’s true: if you want to sell (in this instance, cds, and videos) then you must promote yourself. You, yourself must have the price you are willing to pay for that advertising. Some have more of an idea of what they wish to gain and what they are willing to offer up in exchange than others do. I see this trending downward. Take a so-so song, make a big, shocking theatre about it, add in some personal controversy and walla! You have attention. Attention/Publicity = Sales.

Hold on, don’t get ahead of me, I’m not done yet…

Everyone, in their own profession, must promote themselves in order to gain attention and stand out from the crowd otherwise they’ll remain a bystander or wannabe. This is not necessarily bad. What is bad is the depths some people go to get the attention/publicity – be it positive or negative. Some will hurt others, degrade others, use others or any other sort of scheme or tactic. This is bad. I, personally, do not tolerate nor respect anyone who would use negative tactics against others for personal gain. I don’t care if (say, a musical artist) has a good song, a bad song, or so-so song if he/she has detrimentally used others for publicity.

Janet Jackson on Rolling Stone c.1995

Janet Jackson on Rolling Stone c.1995

Now, back to Adam Lambert.

Was he promoting himself? Of course he was. He should! Did he hurt others by doing so? I didn’t see it. From what I could tell, those scantily-clad men and women simulating various peep-show scenarios were up there onstage by their own free will. I don’t see them as being hurt. Perhaps they were promoting themselves for a better, future position (pun not intended). Hey, it’s their choice – good or bad.

Parents are voicing their opinions about the soft porn scenes Mr. Lambert and his band of co-horts displayed on network television. To that I say it’s the nature of the business nowadays. We’re not going to see Perry Como or the likes of an Andy Williams crooning solo into a microphone on the AMAs anymore. If you have kids now, you know the nature of the business. Janet Jackson did it, Madonna did it…Elvis did it…the list goes on and as far back as music goes. It’s not going to change. For the times, it’s nothing different from what Elvis did on the Ed Sullivan Show. If parents don’t want their kids to see this, put them to bed and keep ’em sheltered – don’t complain it was on the television. You should’ve figured it was coming. I’d rather my kids make up their own mind whether they value that type of performance or that kind of artist than me tell them what to watch or not.

The Tubes c.1982

The Tubes c.1982

I’m not big on theatrics with music. I prefer to let the music stand on its own. That’s not to say I dislike theatrical music acts. Queen – a very theatrical rock stage act in the 1970’s – was very good, not my favorite but I didn’t dislike them either. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was another great band from the same time period and was also extremely theatrical as was (and is) Alice Cooper, Kiss and The Tubes. I went through phases where I liked all of these groups a lot. None of them hurt anyone in promoting themselves and I respect them and liked them. So far, I respect Adam Lambert but don’t care for the music.

As for the homosexually inspired gay kiss? Get over it. Homophobes I don’t respect.

To sum it all up, pop music is a rock show. A show. Either like it and watch it or don’t like it and don’t watch it. Don’t try to stop the ever-constant evolution.

I must say, it was a rather catchy song, though.


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